The Lost Children

The Lost Children by Alexander Williams is a musical for children in Key Stage 2/3 (aged 7-14)
‘Ladies and gentlemen, grandfathers, grandmothers, spinsters, maiden aunts and octogenarians. Welcome to Calpurnia, a city in mourning. Today is the day when we officially, give up the search for the lost children of Calpurnia. One year ago the monster Rushwilden, heaven bless him, stole our children from us. We searched high and low, we searched near and far, but unearthed not even a gummi bear to indicate their whereabouts. Today, my friends, it is time to give up the search…’

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One of the major selling points of this musical is that there is no written score. Instead those hiring the musical would receive the vocal tracks for rehearsal and the backing tracks for performance. With these resources children and schools are able to mount a musical without the expense of band rehearsals or hiring musicians, both of which are common prohibiting factors for schools thinking of putting on a musical for key stage 2 and 3.
This musical ideal for schools, with casting designed to allow a great deal of flexibility. For example:
·      Many roles that are nominally male or female, such as the mayor or master secretary, can easily be played as the opposite gender, allowing children to be cast to their strengths.
·      Roles that are scripted as one character, such as the narrator, can easily be played by many actors if the lines are split, giving more children the chance to have a speaking role.
·      Similarly, some characters can be doubled-up (i.e. played by the same actor) for smaller casts.
·      There are substantial chorus parts, such as the citizens of Calpurnia and the Puzzle Bugs. These choruses can be as large or small as required, and in the case of the Bluebird chorus and Badger chorus can also be eliminated without impairing the narrative.

So what are you waiting for? If you're interested in hiring The Lost Children for performance click here!

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