Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Dial Up This September!

The Dial Up is delighted to announce that from September we are back in London!

As well as our usual Watford Fresh Shop event on the second Saturday of the month, and our Kitchen Croxley event on the third Thursday, we will now also be at the wonderful London Improv Theatre on Finchley Road on the third Friday of every month! And even more exciting, the terrific Jon Medcalf will be back on piano! Rehearsing with him last week brought back happy memories of when he arranged the piano part for my apocalyptic jazz song Getting Near The End of the World, video above.

Saturday 2nd Septemer, 7.30pm
The Fresh Shop Dial Up, 2 Market Street, Watford
Theme: Let's Do It!

Friday 15th September, 7.30pm
The London Improv Theatre, Finchley Road
Theme: Favourite Songs

Thursday 21st September, 7.30pm
The Kitchen Croxley, Croxley Green
Theme: Indulgence

I've updated the tabs above so you can now easily search for our future dates by venue. Do come and join us as often as you can as we continue in our quest to celebrate community and creativity in all its forms! Much love, Alex xx

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