Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Dial Up this Spring!

Such great fun at our Singing the Blues Dial Up this April! The next event is our Easter Sunday Special, 3.15pm at the Kitchen Croxley, where as a festive treat (or trick, though that's Halloween...) I'll be singing an extended set of some of my favourite jazz and musical theatre tunes.

Then please do join me and the whole Dial Up family for our inimitable celebration of community and creativity and Watford's freshest open mic night in May! On Saturday 13th at the Fresh Shop Cafe/ Hidden Bar our theme will be Heroes and Villains- as ever, ignore or interpret as you choose!

Then from May onwards we're shifting our Kitchen Croxley events to the third THURSDAY of each month, so join us on Thursday May 18th at Kitchen Croxley for a night of great company and music.

Hope to see you there, and if you haveb't yet visited our Facebook page go to and click like! Much love, Alex x

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