Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Two Christmas Dial Ups Confirmed!

If, like me, you've been missing our inimitable Dial Up celebration of community and creativity then fret no more as the Dial Up offers two wonderful Seasonal Specials this winter to warm your cockles!

Watford Christmas Dial Up
Sunday 22nd December, 5pm at the Watford Palace Theatre
Join us for a festive celebration of live music, performance and open mike with the marvelous Karen Bell and London Dial Up regular Tracy Holtham making her Watford debut!

Coco New Year Dial Up
Wednesday 1st January, 1pm at the Coco Cafe, Croxley
Start the New Year with a song and a smile as we gather at the beautiful Coco Cafe for a late brunch accompanied with music, performance and our favourite open mike!

Unfortunately there will be no London Dial Up this season as the Seven Dials Club is closed for Christmas, but I do hope some of our London regulars will be able to join us in Watford or Croxley for their dose of Dial Up! I'll be back in the UK from December 22nd to January 1st, so if you're not able to make either of the Dial Ups do get in touch and hopefully we can find another time to meet for tea and cakes, it'd be lovely to catch up. Till then here's a video from last year's Christmas Dial Up to enjoy :-) Much love, Alex xx