Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Dial Up hits the Middle East!

Firstly can I say a huge thank you to every single member of the Dial up family for making the last three years such an amazing ride! The Dial up has become an essential part of many people's month, not least because our unique brand of creativity and community has given so much to all of us in terms of friendship, humour, growth, well being and good old fashioned fun!

It's been a magical journey, and by no means is it over! I know the impulse to continue is strong in London, Watford and Croxley, and I really hope those projects succeed. Do keep me in the loop as I'll be thinking of you! And of course, we have our Christmas Specials in December 2013 to look forward to also (details tbc so watch this space!).

On a more personal note the adventure continues for me as I settle into my new life in the Middle East and begin looking for Dial up opportunities here. I've already started a Glee Club at my new school and it has proved to be one of the most popular clubs the school has ever seen with 31 kids in the first week and counting! It's truly tremendous the power singing has to build confidence and friendships when the emphasis is on fun, not perfection. There are no auditions for my Glee Club, just gentle reminders that Glee means Happiness so always bring a smile!

I'll look forward to seeing you all again very soon, and sharing smiles (and hugs!) with you once again. I promise to post occasional updates on Facebook, and in the meantime always feel free to send me an email. Stay in touch!

As always, until December, much love, Alex xx