Friday, 19 July 2013

August at The Dial Up!

It's finally here, our last month before I head off to the Middle East! Thank you to everyone who came and made our final Watford Dial Up such a heart-stirring success, and also to the wonderful Coco crowd for singing along at our Disney Songbook Special. Please do come and join us for our final two events, the theme for both is Anything Goes. They promise to be amazing evenings and it will be wonderful to have the chance to wish you a proper farewell in person!

Don't forget, we'll also be back in December with our Christmas Specials!

Much love, Alex xx

London Dial Up
8pm on Friday 2nd August at the 7 Dials Club, Covent Garden

Coco Dial Up
7pm on Thursday 15th August at Coco Cafe, Watford Road, Croxley