Saturday, 22 June 2013

July at The Dial Up!

This July is a month of mixed emotions for The Dial Up! Not only are we excited as ever to be sharing our unique brand of community and creativity with old friends and new, but we're also sad as we start counting down to our penultimate and final events!

As a consequence, there are two themes this month. The first is our traditional Disney Songbook theme, so dust off your favourite songs from the House of Mouse! The second is Anything Goes, which we usually reserve for the New Year, but if there are any favourite songs or poems that you'd like to bring to the Dial Up, please feel free to ignore the Disney theme and take this opportunity to share your creativity!

As a consequence of our impending break there has been a flurry of filmmaking! Check out our youtube channel or to have a look. Above is our Watford Dial Up version of Brel's Carousel, thanks to Anthony Wilson on piano and Mel for filming!

We will of course be back for Christmas Specials in December, but please do come and join us in making these final Dial Ups extra special. Much love, Alex xx

Sunday 7th July: Final Watford Dial Up, 5pm at the Palace Theatre
Thursday 11th July: Penultimate Coco Dial Up, 7pm at Coco Cafe, Croxley

There is no London Dial Up this month. The final London Dial Up at the Seven Dials Club, Covent Garden, will take place at 8pm on Friday 2nd August.