Saturday, 16 March 2013

April at the Dial Up: Cool Britannia!

With St George's day on the horizon, and Shakespeare's birthday too, April has become The Dial Up's traditional month for patriotism and home-grown pride as we dive into our theme COOL BRITANNIA: The Great British Songbook! Join us as we celebrate community, creativity and the poetry and music of our sceptre'd isle!

As ever the theme's just for fun, interpret or ignore it as you wish! The most important thing is that you join us for our inimitable evening of performance and open mike! Hope to see you there and much love, Alex xx

Join us at...
Watford Palace Theatre, 5pm on Sunday 7th April
Coco Cafe in Croxley, 7pm on Thursday 11th April
Seven Dials Club in Covent Garden, 8pm on Friday 19th April