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The Dial Up is all about enjoying live performance in a vibrant, fun and welcoming atmosphere. Best known for hosting open mic nights, we are in fact a performing arts collective offering support, friendship and encouragement to all our members, whether their passion is music, poetry, drama or dance... or anything else for that matter! We celebrate community and creativity in all its forms, providing a platform for professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs to share their passions, whatever they may be.

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The Dial Up
By The Dial Up resident poet Jim Connor

In these day’s  of recession and cuts
I know a place to go - no if’s and but’s
It’s guaranteed to bring your smile up
It’s an oasis of music and fun called the Dial-Up

There’s music to suit all sorts of tastes 
It’s the perfect place to meet your mates
There’s jazz and show tunes from Alex and John
Not to mention the wonderful guests who come along

To sing or play guitar, piano sax or violin
You just never know who is going to call in
Your spirits will be lifted before you know
There’s even a bloke who thinks he’s a poet! 

Its in Covent Garden, just down Earlam Street
And has an atmosphere that is quite  unique
So don’t hesitate and miss this opportunity
To become part of  the Dial Up Club community

Just get out your Oysters or Travel Cards
Or jump on your bikes and pedal hard 
It is something that you will not regret
Because, you know what, You ain't seen nothing yet!

Get Involved!

The easiest way to get involved with The Dial Up is to come along! We always make new guests welcome and guarantee you a performance spot if you want one.

Alexander’s Dial-Up Club!

Come on along! Come on it’s Jon and Alexander's Dial Up Club!
Come on and hear! Come on and hear! He’s the man who’s at  the hub!
He can sing a jazzy song like you nev-er heard be-fore
So natural that you wanna hear some more
He’s just the bestest man that am - I’m a fan
Come on along, come on along, let me take you by the hand
Up to the man, up to the man, who's the lead-er of this clan
And if you wanna hear a jazz or show tune sung in real-time
Come on along, come on its Jon and Alexander's Dial Up Club!

(Alexander’s Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin -
Lyrics adapted by The Dial Up Resident Poet Jim Connor) 

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